Care Kits for Survivors of Sexual Violence

Posted 16 September 2021, 9:57 pm ADT

Care Kit Announcement
Care Kit Announcement (larger version)

We are excited and proud to announce our partnership with the Labrador Office of the NL Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre in the creation of a special project entitled "Care Kits for Survivors of Sexual Violence".

In the near future, clinics and hospitals in the Labrador region will be provided with Care Kits to offer women and gender diverse patients who are seeking urgent support following an experience of sexual violence.
Our hope is that survivors know that they are believed, cared for and supported.

Each Care Kit will contain the following items:
-Bottle of Water
-Pregnancy Test
-Tooth Brush
-Chocolate Bar
-Community Support Information

Clinics and hospitals will also receive a reference guide that includes:
-Practical tips to ensure trauma-informed care is provided to survivors of sexual violence
-Recommendations to create safer health care spaces for patients and providers
-Answers to frequently asked questions; and
-Contact information to local supports and resources

The Care Kits will be packaged by youth living in Labrador who will get an opportunity to learn about how to support survivors of sexual violence while giving back to their community.

This project would not be possible without the generous funding from Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation who contributed $6000 towards this important initiative.

Mokami Status of Women Council