Mokami Status of Women Council
Take Back the Night 2015
Take Back the Night represents a time when women walk to speak out against violence against women. This is an opportunity for women and girls of all ages.
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Preparing for the walk
It was so good to see mothers with their daughters!
Mom and daughter
Charlotte Wolfrey gave an empowering and inspirational speech
Charlotte Wolfrey and Becky Leigh Michelin - Inspirational women!
TBTN banner
The rain didn't turn these smiles upside down!
Wonderful group of supporters!
Men joined the walk from the Provincial Court House
Men and women walking together - Powerful!
The loud speaker gave out but with our combined voices, we didn't need it!
Our fabulous partner Serco!
Another fabulous Serco supporter!
Keith Russell and Shannon Tobin - continuous supporters
Edward Rudowski and Krystal Saunders
Mokami Women and Thrifty Fashions staff with Yvonne Jones, an amazing supporter of TBTN!


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